frequently asked questions

What are your opening hours?

Please visit the hours page for our schedule and opening hours.

Is there a pistol or rifle range at the Vancouver Gun Club?

No, the Vancouver Gun Club is strictly a shotgun only range.

I don't have a shotgun. Can I rent one?

We do not offer rental firearms. All shooters must have a valid PAL (Possession & Acquisition Licence) and bring their own shotgun.

Can I purchase practice ammunition at VGC?

Yes, practice shells are available for sale at the cashier.

What kind of ammunition can I use at VGC?

Only 2 3/4" target shells with shot size of 7.5, 8 or 9 are allowed. No buckshots, slugs or magnum shells allowed.

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE  71/2 shot and reclaimed shot will not be allowed on the skeet venue. Only 8s & 9s

I have a PAL and my own shotgun. Can I bring a guest to VGC and will my guest be able to shoot?

Yes. Your guest will need to pay the Day Pass fee and must be supervised while he/she is on the firing line. As the PAL holder and firearm owner, you must stand directly behind your guest and ensure that he/she is using the firearm in a safe manner.

Is there a limit on how many guest(s) I can bring?

No. However, each guest who wants to shoot will need to obtain a day pass and those without a PAL must be supervised on the firing line.

What is the difference between trap, skeet, bunker, sporting clays, etc?

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What is a good shotgun for beginner?

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What is a PITA shoot?

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