Course Location:  Vancouver Gun Club (VGC ) 

7340 Sidaway Rd, Richmond, BC 

 NOTE: One Kilometer straight South of the Richmond Auto Mall off Westminster Hwy.   -   Lots of (Free) Parking

This course is a requirement to apply for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). Keep in mind that there are other requirements to obtain a PAL and criminal history or mental illness may prevent you from obtaining one.

You will not receive a PAL at the end of this course but the successful completion of this course allows you to apply for one.

You will receive all the paperwork and forms to apply for a PAL. If the classes below do not say "FULL" - space is available.

A reminder communique will be emailed to all students prior to the weekend. It's also a request to advise us if you're not feeling well in any way to contact this office to reschedule with no cost to the student. If anyone shows up for class sick (coughing, running nose etc will be immediately sent home).

Instructor:    Mike Glas - Certified CFSC/CRFSC Master Instructor

Email:   Cell Phone:  604-312-4607

Mike is a retired RCMP Staff Sergeant having served for 35 years.

Mike was in the first class of instructors for this program when it began in 1995.

He has trained many gun enthusiasts and knows what lessons work and what doesn’t.

He’s one of the most senior instructors in Canada and also a Master Instructor to train new instructors

2nd Instructor  Stavros Nicolinas - Certified CFSC/CRFSC Instructor

Stavros has been an instructor for 12 years and was mentored by Mike Glas and taught alongside him from day one. There's a course almost every weekend at the Vancouver Gun Club and Stavros teaches every 2nd weekend, thus has trained more students than the average busy instructor in the Lower Mainland.

The feedback received is documented at the bottom of this web page being testimony of Mike and Stavros dedication and quality of delivering a great program.

TRAINING MANUALS: We have manuals available at the gun club for $20.00 each. You can pick them up on the weekends we're teaching between the hours of 12 noon to 12:30 pm. (during the lunch break). Or, you can get them at the start of the class you're registered in. Go to the classroom (lower lobby by the restaurant) and not the gun club's office.


Have you been out of school a long time and apprehensive about exams? Our presentation has over 300 power point slides. Adults and students where English is their second language do consistently well on the exams. We're geared towards teaching everyone including adults who are many, many years out of school.  Read the testimonials at the bottom of this page!

Gift Certificates for Birthdays, Anniversaries,  a milestone occasion  and any other reasons you can think of are offered.

If you have any further questions after reviewing the information below please call Mike:

If your question is: "How do I sign up" . . .Answer: Scroll down past the training dates to: "HOW TO SIGN UP" and follow the instructions.

Mike's cell: 604-312-4607 - If no answer, please leave a message for a call back.

Class Schedule


Note: You can take the non-restricted and not the restricted, however, if you wish to take the Restricted, you must first take the non-restricted course or prove you have already successfully completed the non-restricted course

 "HOW TO SIGN UP" - Scroll down past the dates to sign up as well learn the COURSE FEES      

  YEAR 2022


13 Saturday   Non Restricted - Mike. Course is FULL

14 Sunday      Non Restricted  -  Mike

Course is FULL

27 Saturday   Non Restricted     Stavros.

28 Sunday      Restricted  -  Stavros. Course is FULL


03 & 04 NO CLASSES

1Saturday   Non Restricted   -Stavros.

11 Sunday Non Restricted - Stavros

17 & 18 CORE - Marc - See "Hunting Course" on this website for further information and how to sign up.

24 Non Restricted - Mike

25 Restricted  - Mike


01 Non Restricted - Stavros

02 Restricted - Stavros

08 Non-Restricted - Stavros **note this is Thanksgiving weekend

09 Restricted - Stavros

15 & 16 CORE - Marc

22 Non Restricted - Mike

23 Non Restricted - Mike

29 Non Restricted - Stavros

30 Restricted - Stavros

The approximate course hours are:

NON-RESTRICTED:  8:00 am to approximately 5:00 pm 
RESTRICTED:    8:00 am to approximately 2:30 pm

Course Fees


 Regular Pricing


 Non Restricted







Note: GST will be charged and added to above pricing


Note: minors (Age 12 to 17) can only apply for the Non-Restricted Course and requires parental consent given to the instructor prior to class.  The minor can apply for a Possession License Under the Firearms Act (Minor) upon successful completion of the Non-Restricted Course.


How To Sign Up -ALL communication will be completed via email.   

Email your course date(s) request to Mike Glas ( with the following information:

  • First, second & last name (your legal names as it will appear on your PAL) and date of birth (YR-MO-DA) for you and anyone else you are registering
  • Email addresses for others you are registering (if they have an email address).
  • Contact phone number (of everyone that is being registered)
  • What courses you'd like to register for (ie: non restricted, or restricted or both. Restricted only must have successfully completed Non-Restricted Course.)
  • What course dates you would like (if the class is full, it will be marked "full" in the class schedule above)

A reply with course signup confirmation and detail narrative with all the information required for the training weekend will be sent to you: start time, how to pay, lunch, link to download the manual (free), etc.

CANCELLED CLASS  We reserve the right to cancel a class, something we hope will never happen. In the event of a class cancellation, we will do everything possible to ensure the new date is suitable to you. If refund occurs as result of cancellation we will return 100% of the course fee.


If for medical reasons that you have to cancel, OR if you have flu like symptoms OR have been in contact with anyone testing positive for COVIC-19 in the past 5 days please contact us to cancel and rebook as soon as possible to allow someone else the fill the spot.  There will be no penalty to do so if you are rebooked. A small administration fee will apply if you do not rebook & request a refund. 

If you wish to cancel for any other reason than medical, a minimum of 48 hours notice must be given to allow us time to fill your training spot.  If the notice is less than 48 hours, your registration fee is non-refundable.


Your fee is non-refundable if you fail to show up for class i.e. forgot, . Please respect the fact that administration costs are incurred as well operating costs (classroom, instructor fees etc). Most of the time we have person(s) on a waiting list and could have filled that training position. 

LATE FOR CLASS - If you show up late, the instructor will assess how much you missed. If the instructor feels you have missed too much, you will have to rebook and make a new payment.  Most of the time we have person(s) on a waiting list and could have filled that training position and there would be no loss of revenue to cover expenses.

The classroom is held in a very large room with 8 - 6 foot tables for the students to sit (comfortable chairs).  The classroom is cleaned and sanitized at the end of each instructional day. 

Upon arrival The instructor will:

Mask and Glove policy only:  When handling the firearms during practice-learning and the practical test.

The students are requested to bring their own masks, surgical type gloves and a ball point pen. If they do not have these items, masks & gloves are available for a suggested donation of  $1.00 each item. 


Donna - February 2020

"I had a fantastic experience taking the Canadian Firearm Safety Courses with Mike and Stavros. They were engaging and are very knowledgeable about firearms and more importantly, firearm safety." 

Vanessa - August 2019

"I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and Joe for two great days of training

I attended with high anxiety, much curiosity, little knowledge, and even less confidence.  You and Joe provided a safe learning environment, clear and concise information, so much constructive feedback, patience, and encouragement.  The points and examples in your presentations were so well organized and easy to follow, highlighting the key facts interspersed with some humour, making the course more engaging, which ultimately helped to set us up for success during the tests and practical exams.  More than anything, your shared passion and years of experience helped to give a personal touch to such a professional course, making me feel competent and capable handling firearms during practice, and in the future.  

Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you again at the range someday.  

Nolen - July 2018

"My friends and I would really like to thank the Vancouver Gun Club for such a well put together course with two very intelligent and friendly guys running the show. You guys made getting our PALS so much easier than we thought. If I could give you guys more than a 5 star rating, I would. It was the best way to spend a Saturday! Super well taught and very interesting for a good base of not just gun safety but the knowledge that comes with the instructor’s experience."

Lane - April 2018

"To Mike & Stavros: I really enjoyed your presentation, it was incredibly easy to follow, thnx for doing such a great job, top notch. I was thinking it was going to be really challenging but I found your method really helpful and encouraging, it could have even been a little harder and I still would have enjoyed it. Again thnx so much."

Cindy, UBC Alumi - January 2018

"I want to take a moment hereby to thank you and Stavros for the amazing firearms lecture yesterday. Before attending I thought the lesson would be a bit dry since the course itself is very theoretical based. Now I know that I was totally wrong. It's definitely one of the most amazing and interesting lectures I've ever attended! As well as for the patience showing us how to operate the guns.  You guys made the lecture so much fun and so fulfilling. I definitely learnt a lot from you."

Dennis - October 2017

"Thanks for the two days training courses.  Your teaching is very informative and “Fun”.  I had a good time and learned most of the knowledge that will help me to handle firearms in a safety way.  Again, I appreciate you guys’ great effort in preparing such a good training course.  Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you again in the gun club."

Timothy - January 2020

"Wow, I got the firearms license!!! I was nervous handling firearms at the beginning & I’m also a left handed person.  I felt more confidence within the first half day of course. Mike & Stavros were very professional of presenting the PowerPoint and hands on sections even with dummy ammunition (about same weight of real ammo). We had a lot of fun and very informative about safety and handling. You know what, I’m so excited for my PAL to be mailed. Always ACTS & PROVE "

Sean - July 2019

"As a school teacher myself, I was very impressed with the content and presentation of this course. Using a PowerPoint to provide accompanying visuals made the instruction very clear and easy to understand. There was plenty of time to practice under the instructor’s supervision before the test, and I left the course feeling confident and ready to begin using firearms.  I would definitely recommend this course to others looking to become acquainted with firearms."

Geoff - April 2019

(An American who came to Canada for this course):

"To Mike & Stavros, 

Thanks for putting on the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.  As much as I hate to admit it, I did learn a lot more than I expected!  The program that you offer/Canada offers is far different from what the US offers.  The theories Stavros and yourself presented are only learned over a longer period of time and self taught.  The Canadian method/your method explains what I believe EVERY firearm owner MUST know before purchasing a firearm.  I believe the customers that visit our store in Colorado don't have half the knowledge of what I learned in 2 days of the Canadian Firearms program.

I will definitely keep in touch with yourself and Stavros.  Please pass on my contact info with him!  Thanks again to both of you.  You both did an exemplary job."

Matt - March 2018

"Hi Mike, I just wanted to say thank you again to you and Stavros for leading a great safety class for us this weekend. You both made it very easy to learn and take away the important points while still making it fun and giving us extra information that we can use. Greatly appreciated and I will definatley recommend your course to anyone i know who is interested."

Vaughn - January 2017

"I want to thank you for the Firearms safety course in both non-restricted and restricted weapons. I learned a lot from both days and I wanted to express my gratitude towards you and Stavros. I thoroughly enjoyed both classes and had a great time doing so with all the interesting videos and stories that both of you shared with us. You have a talent for teaching these classes showing enthusiasm for the subjects and also a seriousness which is necessary for handling these weapons in the safest manner."

James - November 2019

"Hi Mike, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the great course this weekend. You made what could be a long tedious day, enjoyable thought provoking and fun. You attracted students from remote cities and both young and older. It was easy to follow, covered all the important points in a well laid out course. I really appreciate all the time and effort you have gone to to promote and teach this required and valuable information.

Please pass along my best wishes to Stavros. Also please pass along thanks to Marc for his great points and great teaching. With a big group it really made things go smoothly and efficiently having those two assisting.

I will do my best to promote this to friends and family that I think would enjoy or benefit from taking this course.

All the best, hope to see you on the range some day (guns pointed down range of course)."

Barb - April 2019

"Mike, I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into presenting this course.  I was nervous about taking it and you made me feel at ease.  As a retired teacher, I was very impressed with your delivery of the large amount of material.  You were professional, presenting the information and stressing the important points.  I particularly appreciated all the visual material, videos (especially the humor) and hands on examples of your presentation.  As well, you reviewed as we went along and that made it easier to remember information for the written test.

For me, doing is very important and having the opportunity to handle the firearms beforehand was important.  I feel confident that as I have more opportunity with experienced marksmen to practice handling firearms I can become more competent and confident.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity for such a good start."

Leanne - January 2018

"I just wanted to personally thank both you and Stavros for a terrific weekend!

Your professionalism, education, attitude, patience and humor made it a wonderful experience.

I have attended many courses where the 'military' mindset made my experiences uneasy and added to my anxiety of failing.  I feel more confident given your teaching.  I am so happy I chose your course to overcome that fear of trying.  I would recommend your course to anyone!"

Napoleon - February 2018

"BTW, i would like to thank both of you and Stavros for a well-delivered course last weekend. It was very informative indeed and I got what i have expected. I also personally like your life experiences during your RCMP days as examples in our topics. That makes the lessons more interesting. Also, your wide collections of guns helped me a lot to understand more and appreciate the firearms, made me respect them some more. I will surely recommend your training center to others."

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