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Instructor:    Mike Glas - Certified CFSC/CRFSC Master Instructor


Cell: 604-312-4607 - If no answer, please leave a message for a call back (I'm adamant about not talking on the phone while driving even with blue tooth).

These classes are normally taught with two instructors:

2nd Instructor:   Stavros Nicolinas - Certified CFSC/CRFSC Instructor

Course Location:

Vancouver Gun Club

7340 Sidaway Rd

Richmond, BC   V6W 1B8

Gift Certificates for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas and any other reasons you can think of are offered.

Have you been out of school a long time and apprehensive about exams? Our presentation has over 300 power point slides and adult students consistently do very well on the exams. We're geared towards teaching everyone including adults who are many, many years out of school. 


VGC is offering the Non-Restricted and Restricted courses on an average of two weekends per month.

If the classes below do not say "FULL" - space is available:



Saturday  March 16    No Class this date due to the Chilliwack Gun Show.

Sunday   March 17  - Non Restricted - Note: If you want the restricted following this non-restricted course, it

can be taken any other future date when I'm offering the restricted course.

Saturday  March 30  - Non Restricted - Wed-March 20 1:30 pm - One seat left 

Sunday    March 31  - Restricted -        Wed-March 20 1:30 pm - two seats left

Once the class is full, a "Standby List will be made in case of cancellations".

Saturday  April 13  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    April 14  - Restricted 

Saturday  April 27  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    April 28  - Restricted 

Saturday  May 11  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    May 12  - Restricted NOTE: This is "Mother's Day" - Bring your Mother & get an extra $20 off.

Expect to be finished no later than 2:30 pm

Saturday  May 25  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    May 26   - Restricted 

Saturday  June 1  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    June 2  - Restricted 

Saturday  June 15  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    June 16  - Restricted - NOTE: This is "Father's Day" - Bring your Father and get $20 off.

Expect to be finished no later than 2:30 pm

Saturday  July 6  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    July 7  - Restricted 

Saturday  July 20  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    July 21  - Restricted 

Saturday  Aug 10  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    Aug 11  - Restricted 

Saturday  Sept 28  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    Sept 29  - Restricted 

Saturday  Oct 5  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    Oct 6  - Restricted 

Saturday  Oct 19 - Non Restricted 

Sunday    Oct 20  - Restricted 

Saturday  Nov 2  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    Nov 3   - Restricted 

Saturday  Nov 16  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    Nov 17   - Restricted

Saturday  Nov 30  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    Dec 1    - Restricted 

Saturday  Dec 14  - Non Restricted 

Sunday    Dec 15   - Restricted 


Note: You can take the non-restricted and not the restricted however if you wish to take the Restricted, you must also take the non-restricted. Because: if you have a restricted PAL, you can also acquire non-restricted firearms.

The approximate course hours are:

Saturday:  8:00 am to approximately 5:00 pm 
Sunday:    8:00 am to approximately 2:30 pm

COST - Regular Price:

Non-Restricted $170.00

Restricted:  $70.00 

Combined:  $240.00

- If you already have a non-restricted (NR) PAL and the NR course was taken from another instructor the

  price for Restricted: $80.00

Family Special:

For Spouse or children under 21 still living at home and in school and taking the course with you.

Non-Restricted: $120.00 (Family Special)

Restricted: $50.00 (Family Special)

Please note that minors (Age 12 to 17) can only apply for the Non-Restricted Course and requires parental consent given to the instructor prior to class.  The minor can apply for a Possession License Under the Firearms Act (Minor) upon successful completion of the Non-Restricted Course.

This course is a requirement to apply for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). Keep in mind that there are other requirements to obtain a PAL and criminal history or mental illness may prevent you from obtaining one.

You will not receive a PAL at the end of this course but the successful completion of this course allows you to apply for one.

PAL's are issued by the RCMP Firearms Program and the current processing time to obtain one are approximately 6-8 weeks.



 Email your course date(s) request to Mike Glas:  

efirearm@shaw.ca with the following information:

- First/last name for yourself and anyone else you are registering

- Contact phone number

- What courses you want ie: non-restricted only or both

- What course dates you want (if the class is full, the website will be marked full)

- A reply with course signup confirmation and detail narrative with all the information required for the training weekend will be sent to you: start time, how to pay, link to download the manual (free) lunches etc, etc.



From Nolen - (July/2018): My friends and I would really like to thank the Vancouver Gun Club for such a well put together course with two very intelligent and friendly guys running the show. You guys made getting our PALS so much easier than we thought. If I could give you guys more than a 5 star rating, I would. It was the best way to spend a Saturday! Super well taught and very interesting for a good base of not just gun safety but the knowledge that comes with the instructor’s experience.

From Lane - (April/2018): To Mike & Stavros: I really enjoyed your presentation, it was incredibly easy to follow, thnx for doing such a great job, top notch. I was thinking it was going to be really challenging but I found your method really helpful and encouraging, it could have even been a little harder and I still would have enjoyed it. Again thnx so much.   

From Matt - (March 25/2018) Hi Mike, I just wanted to say thank you again to you and Stavros for leading a great safety class for us this weekend. You both made it very easy to learn and take away the important points while still making it fun and giving us extra information that we can use. Greatly appreciated and I will definatley recommend your course to anyone i know who is interested. 

From Napoleon (Feb/2018) - BTW, i would like to thank both of you and Stavros for a well-delivered course last weekend. It was very informative indeed and I got what i have expected. I also personally like your life experiences during your RCMP days as examples in our topics. That makes the lessons more interesting. Also, your wide collections of guns helped me a lot to understand more and appreciate the firearms, made me respect them some more. I will surely recommend your training center to others.

From Cindy – UBC Alumi (Jan/2018):  I want to take a moment hereby to thank you and Stavros for the amazing firearms lecture yesterday. Before attending I thought the lesson would be a bit dry since the course itself is very theoretical based. Now I know that I was totally wrong. It's definitely one of the most amazing and interesting lectures I've ever attended! As well as for the patience showing us how to operate the guns.  You guys made the lecture so much fun and so fulfilling. I definitely learnt a lot from you.

 From: Leanne (Jan/2018):  I just wanted to personally thank both you and Stavros for a terrific weekend!

Your professionalism, education, attitude, patience and humor made it a wonderful experience.

I have attended many courses where the 'military' mindset made my experiences uneasy and added to my anxiety of failing.  I feel more confident given your teaching.  I am so happy I chose your course to overcome that fear of trying.  I would recommend your course to anyone!

From Dennis (Oct/2017):  Thanks for the two days training courses.  Your teaching is very informative and “Fun”.  I had a good time and learned most of the knowledge that will help me to handle firearms in a safety way.  Again, I appreciate you guys’ great effort in preparing such a good training course.  Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you again in the gun club.

From Vaughn (Jan/2017) - I want to thank you for the Firearms safety course in both non-restricted and restricted weapons. I learned a lot from both days and I wanted to express my gratitude towards you and Stavros. I thoroughly enjoyed both classes and had a great time doing so with all the interesting videos and stories that both of you shared with us. You have a talent for teaching these classes showing enthusiasm for the subjects and also a seriousness which is necessary for handling these weapons in the safest manner.

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