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TargetTag System

TargetTag Counter & Release

The TargetTag System is a payment system whereby the clay throwing machines require the use of an RFID card in order to work. Your membership card is an RFID card (similar to the Translink Compass Card) where $$$ amount can be loaded unto the card and used at the installed readers around the club. As you tap (or tag) your card onto the reader, a preset $$$ amount will be deducted from your card and the reader will allow the machine to throw a certain number of targets. Without loading the reader using your RFID membership card, the machine will not throw targets.

How do I use this new system?

If you would like to know the $$$ amount in your card, all you have to do is hold it against any of the readers around the club and the display will tell you how much $$$ amount you have in there. To load the targets unto the machine, do the following:

Trap, Skeet and Bunker:  Hold your card in front of the reader until the $$$ amount is displayed and press the yellow button.

Sporting Clays: Leave your card inserted in the reader when you shoot. Everytime a bird is called, the reader will automatically deduct a $$$ amount from your card.

5-Stand: Give your card to the on-duty Range Officer who is operating the controller.

Target Costs deducted at each venue










25 + 2





25 + 2

Int'l Trap (Bunker)




25 + 2

5 - Stand





Sporting Clays





What about the Daypass shooters?

Non-Member Day Pass Cost - $25 + Target Costs 

Daypass shooters will also receive a card but it will not be pre-loaded with a $$$ amount. Instead, every time their card is used at a station, it will keep track of the amount being used (like a bar tab). At the end of the day, the card is returned to the cashier and the daypass shooter pays the used $$$ amount plus the daypass fee. Prior to being issued a daypass card, the daypass shooter pays a $200 deposit and the club will keep a credit card in the office. The $200 deposit will be cancelled and the credit card returned once the cashier receive the daypass back along with payment. 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Treat your RFID membership card like your punch card or cash. If you lose it, we will not be able to replace the $$$ amount contained in it.
  • Daypass shooters are not allowed to use a member's card. If a member is caught letting a daypass shooter use their card in order to get the discounted target pricing, the daypass shooter will be banned from the club and the member will be suspended/banned.
  • Using your RFID membership card with an expired membership will also result in a suspension/ban.
  • For sporting clays shooters: if a machine is empty or malfunctioning, stop shooting and call a range officer. If you keep calling for targets, the reader will keep deducting $$$ amount from your card.
  • Be gentle with your card. Do not bend your card.

More information will be added in the future. For the time being, if you have any questions about the Target Tag system, please approach the Club Directors who are on site.

All non members/day pass holder are required to do the safety orientation and exam for every visit they must comply to do the exam before commencing shooting. This is valid for the day only and must be done every visit here at VGC.

DayPass Exemptions (Reciprocal Clubs) are no longer offered

As of November 3rd 2015, day pass exemptions (reciprocal clubs) are no longer offered. Non-members must purchase a daypass and pay the non-members fee to use our facilities.


  • VGC Special Events (Sporting Clay Shoots, PITA Shoots, etc)
  • PITA Shooters shooting trap practice during PITA shoots

For membership information and pricing please visit the membership page.

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