Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your opening hours?
    Please go to the calendar page for our schedule and opening hours.
  • Is there a pistol or rifle range at the Vancouver Gun Club?
    No, the Vancouver Gun Club is strictly a shotgun only range.
  • I don't have a shotgun. Can I rent one?
    We do not offer rental firearms. All shooters must have a valid PAL (Possession & Acquisition Licence) and bring their own shotgun.
  • Can I purchase practice ammunition at VGC?
    Yes, practice shells are available for sale at the cashier.
  • What kind of ammunition can I use at VGC?
    Only 2 3/4" target shells with shot size of 7.5, 8 or 9 are allowed. No buckshots, slugs or magnum shells allowed. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE  71/2 shot and reclaimed shot will not be allowed on the skeet venue. Only 8s & 9s
  • I have a PAL and my own shotgun. Can I bring a guest to VGC and will my guest be able to shoot?
    Yes. Your guest will need to pay the Day Pass fee and must be supervised while he/she is on the firing line. As the PAL holder and firearm owner, you must stand directly behind your guest and ensure that he/she is using the firearm in a safe manner.
  • Is there a limit on how many guest(s) I can bring?
    No. However, each guest who wants to shoot will need to obtain a day pass and those without a PAL must be supervised on the firing line.
  • What is the difference between trap, skeet, bunker, sporting clays, etc?
    Click here for the answer.
  • What is a good shotgun for beginner?
    Click here for the answer.
  • What is a PITA shoot?
    Click here for the answer.


  • Eye protection must be worn when entering the shooting area
  • Ear protection must be worn when discharging a firearm or when in close proximity of someone discharging a firearm
  • Only shotguns with a barrel length of 21 inches or more and exhibiting shoulder stocks are permitted
  • For 5-Stand, the minimum barrel length is 26 inches and shoulder strap/sling is not allowed
  • No rifles or handguns allowed
  • The largest shot size that can be used is 7 1/2
  • No slug or buckshot ammunition allowed
  • All shotguns can only be loaded on the firing line
  • Semi-automatic and pump action shotguns must have their action open at all times when not on the firing line
  • Break action shotguns must be broken open at all times when not on the firing line except when placed on the shotgun rack with the barrel pointing upwards
  • Only club members and holders of valid Day Passes shall be permitted to discharge shotguns on the firing line
  • Everyone on the club property shall promptly obey any instructions given by a Range Officer or Club Director
  • Failure to obey the range rules will result in eviction from the club's property and loss of membership priviliges
  • Everyone entering the Vancouver Gun Club property acknowledge that shotgun sports are an inherently dangerous activity; each person entering the property accepts the risk of possible injury and releases the Vancouver Gun Club, it's Directors and Officers and each and every member from liability whatsoever on behalf of such person, their successors and assigns




Immediate removal from premises and suspension of shooting privileges. The Range Safety Committee will determine whether revocation of membership and/or permanent ban is necessary. Details of person who committed a Level III safety violation may also be forwarded to the Chief Firearms Officer to raise a public safety concern.

  • Pointing a loaded firearm at self or another person
  • Loading a firearm when not on the firing line or shooting station
  • Discharging a firearm which led to the injuries of self or others
  • Discharging a rifle or handgun on premises
  • Discharging non-approved ammunition on premises (slugs, buckshot, shot size larger than 7 ½, handgun/rifle ammunition, etc)
  • Handling a firearm on premises while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Allowing persons without a PAL to handle loaded firearm without supervision



Immediate suspension of shooting privileges for the day.

  • Pointing an unloaded firearm with the action closed at self or another person
  • Accidental discharge caused by failure to keep the trigger finger outside the trigger guard while holding or mounting the firearm
  • Refusing to follow instructions given by the Range Officer or VGC staff
  • Repeating a minor safety violation after receiving a warning



Verbal Warning.

  • Pointing an unloaded firearm at another person with the action open
  • Failure to wear eye or ear protection while in the shooting area or walking through the sporting clays area
  • Failure to wear ear protection when discharging a firearm
  • Placing the trigger finger inside the trigger guard when holding or mounting the firearm
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