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Please consider contributing to one or more of these ongoing initiatives.

Donations can be made:

  • At the pro shop. Cheques should be made out to "The Vancouver Gun Club"
  • Via e-transfer to  with the campaign title in the transfer comment
  • By participating in specific events below

New Clubhouse

Our clubhouse has come to the end of its useful life, and we need to build a new one. A proper clubhouse is integral to the club – providing the opportunity to connect with other members, host events, dining, and seminars.

We’ve formed committees for design, permitting, construction, and financing of a new clubhouse, and two of our club members are already supporting the initiative by providing architectural and structural engineering support.

Proposed Clubhouse Model

This is a model of a new clubhouse designed by an architect based on dimensions and details provided by the Board.

The costs of the project are estimated at approximately $1.5M

We’re working on number of fundraising initiatives but because of the non-profit status of our club our options are limited to initiatives such as raffles, fun shoots, and most importantly a direct appeal. Since inception, VGC has been a volunteer-based club and we are proud to say the membership has always shown strong support. We will need the financial support from all our members to make a new clubhouse a reality.

So here's the ask – we are reaching out to our valued members to make a financial donation toward the construction of a new clubhouse. The next time you’re at VGC please consider making a donation to the new club house. Just ask the cashiers – it’s that easy. We have set up a separate account for the new clubhouse and all the donated money will be deposited directly into that account. We will be tracking the progress towards our fundraising goals and provide updates on a regular basis.

In addition, we’d like to reach out to anyone who would consider a legacy type donation to contact any of the Directors and/or

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