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Membership benefits:

  • Photo Membership Card
  • Liability Insurance by HUB International
  • Access to all venues on club grounds during opening hours
  • Discount on targets
  • Ability to volunteer and earn free targets
  • Discount on VGC merchandise

2023-2024 Membership Rates:

Memberships are active on day of purchase and expire on March 31.

 Membership & dated cost (ex. tax)Apr 1  Jul 1 Oct 1 Jan 1
 Individual (Age 18 & older)37528519095
 Family (Spouse + 2 dependents under 18) 500375250125
 Senior (Age 65 & older)


 Junior (Under 18) 125956535

Memberships are from April 1 - March 31, and the rates step down each quarter.

Membership can be obtained at the cashier during opening hours.

Please see the cashier if you have paid already to be issued a new validation for the year. 

All current and future members are required to do the safety orientation and exam before they can renew or get a new membership. Please allow additional time to do so

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