Membership benefits:

  • Photo Membership Card
  • Liability Insurance by HUB International
  • Access to all venues on club grounds during opening hours
  • Discount on targets
  • Ability to volunteer and earn free targets
  • Discount on VGC merchandise
2018-2019 Membership Rates

 Memberships are active on day of purchase and expire the following year 

 Individual (Age 18 & older)$250.00

 Family (Spouse + 2 dependents under 18)$320.00

 Senior (Age 65 & older)$200.00

 Junior (Under 18)$70.00

Memberships are from April 1 to March 31
Membership can be obtained at the cashier during opening hours
Please see the cashier if you have paid already to be issued a new validation for the year 
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